Athena s.a.s. - Design and manufacturing of molds for aluminium casting (FSP)


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The work carried out by our company is predominantly focused on the design and manufacturing of molds for aluminium casting (FSP) and of cutting equipment for castings.

Athena s.a.s. is responsible for designing the mold based on customer specifications. We have a department dedicated to the design, where our team designs, models and programs the product and the work-flow through dedicated software (Delcam - Power Shape and Power Mill, Autocad 12LT, Sum).

The production process of the mold and / or other equipment is entrusted to qualified personnel, coordinated by our engineers. This process consists of several steps:

  • Construction of the sample
  • Control and monitoring of the product
  • Assessment of possible changes
  • Production of the finished product
  • Stamping and pre-production.

In the photo gallery, you can find some examples of projects that we have completed.